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Moneta Media Group and Mepax signed partnership contract

Moneta Media Group signed partnership agreement with Mepax, one of the major global institutions in the sphere of industrial PR and advertisement management. Mepax, who conduct PR and advertisement management of many major industrial institutions involve 120 different firms from 16 countries in their portfolio. The company, who supplies service to 120 different market spheres, […]

Global Carbon Budget 2018: Projected rise in global carbon dioxide of 2.7 percent

The WCRP and Future Earth sponsored Global Carbon Project has published its Carbon Budget 2018where it estimates that CO2 emissions will rise by a projected 2.7 percent this year, with an uncertainty range between 1.8 percent and 3.7 percent. In 2017, carbon emissions grew by 1.6 percent after a three-year hiatus. The budget was published today in Earth System Science Data and has […]

Build a PLAnet™ for sustainable bioplastics

Three major process technology and equipment specialists, Futerro, Sulzer and TechnipFMC, have formed the PLAnet™ initiative in equal partnership to promote the production of sustainable plastics made of Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA). The strategic collaboration will support manufacturers interested in entering the bioplastic market by delivering integrated PLA technology packages. PLA is a versatile bio-based and […]

Pöyry awarded Owner’s Engineering Services assignment by Biozin Holding

Finland-headed forest and energy industry consultancy major Pöyry PLC has announced that it has been awarded the Owner’s Engineering Services assignment for the pre-engineering phase by Biozin Holding AS for its planned “biozin” production plant in Norway. The new plant will convert biomass to liquid biocrude that will be sold and further processed into transportation […]

Novamont reopens revamped Mater-Biopolymer plant in Italy

In Italy, biochemical and bioplastics major Novamont S.p.A held a reopening ceremony in Patrica for its revamped Mater–Biopolymer plant on October 19. The plant has been repurposed for the manufacture of ORIGO–BI biopolyesters with a high level of renewables and a component of Novamont’s MATER-BI compostable bioplastics. A former Mossi & Ghisolfi Group plant that produced polyethylene […]

S2G BioChem to build biorefinery demo plant in Sarnia

S2G BioChem (S2G), has announced that it has started work on the company’s first standalone biorefinery demonstration plant that it intends to build in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Construction of the CA$ 20 million project, that will use S2G’s patented process to produce xylitol from C5 sugars, is estimated to begin in 2018. Vancouver, Canada-based S2G […]

Stora Enso and Orthex combine wood fibre and bioplastic for durable utensils

Finland-headed forest industry major Stora Enso Oyj and compatriot Orthex Group have brought a new range of bio-based kitchen utensils to market. Made from a new biocomposite instead of fossil-based plastic, the new bio-based material used is made from spruce and sugarcane that combines the best qualities of wood and plastic while reducing the carbon […]

Scania Australia enters agreement with biofuel providers

In Australia, Scania Australia Pty Ltd has recently signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with three providers in the national biofuels industry; Wilmar BioEthanol (Australia) Pty Ltd, Eco Tech Biodiesel Pty Ltd and NGV Group Pty Ltd, in a bid to “lubricate the path” towards adoption of more sustainable and cleaner transport solutions for its customers. […]

BASF producing methanol using biomass balance approach

In Germany, global chemicals major BASF has announced that it has started production of methanol on the basis of renewable raw materials according to the biomass balance approach. The product name is EU-REDcert-methanol. The company replaces fossil raw materials with second-generation renewable raw materials and uses waste as well as residual materials. As a result, […]

Snam and Seat join forces on biomethane solutions

Natural gas conglomerate Snam announced that it has signed a partnership with car manufacturer Seat to promote the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable gas (biomethane) for sustainable mobility. The agreement will see both companies explore business and commercial development opportunities that encourage the use of gas and biogas stations, as well as […]

Drax pilot first bioenergy carbon capture and storage plant in Europe

Drax has announced the commissioning of an ‘innovative’ Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) pilot plant. It expects that within the next few weeks the first carbon dioxide will be captured and converted into biomass. If the pilot is successful, the six month project should capture a tonne of CO2 per day from the gases […]

BP support Brazil’s biofuels policy

Reuters reports that BP’s chief executive for biofuels, Mario Lindenhayn has said that the latest biofuels policy in Brazil has improved the outlook for ethanol production. Brazil expects that by 2020 its policy, RenovaBio will be enacted. The policy should face no obstacles and won’ be stopped by the government of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Lindenhayn predicts. […]


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